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Joker Shoulder Strap To Carry Your Child Bicycle Velcro Straps Balance Bike Match – Extendable Moving & Carrying Strap For Bikes
Joker Shoulder Strap To Carry Your Child Bicycle Velcro Straps Balance Bike Match – Extendable Moving & Carrying Strap For Bikes
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Brand Joker
Manufacturer Joker

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Tired Of Trying To Carry Around Your Kid's Bike By Hand Already?

Don't worry my friends - Joker biking accessories, has brought you the only solution to the problem!

It's no Joke! Set your eyes upon the exquisite Shoulder Carrying Bike Strap we created - in 3 color variations (red - blue - green) for you to choose!

No More Back Pain

As parents you surely know the problems emerging when you have to carry your kid's bike by hand. You put extra effort to keep it up, which results in back or shoulder pains, muscle strain even cramps.

Save it! Say goodbye to all those issues with the smart and strong bicycle strap! With perfect fitting to your shoulder, it is wide enough to stay put without folding or turning, and also has a good strong grip to keep your arms and hands fatigue-free.

Free Yourself From The Burden

Keep your children happy as you carry their bikes with you, for them to ride any time they want, as you can carry them easily and with no effort.

The balance bike strap allows you to take the bike with you anywhere, hands-free; from the marketplace to the toy store, from your back yard to the subway!

Its exceeding quality will astonish you! Strong, sturdy, stable, with non folding sides, enhanced with Velcro for a better hold, are only a few of its features. Check out its beautiful colors too, to match the color of your kid's bike!

Try it for one day - once you do, you will never let go! Yet just in case you change your mind, you may ask for the 100% Money Back Guarantee we offer, although you won't need it!

Put It To The Test Today Already! Add To Your Cart Now For A Perfect Balance Experience!
Brand Joker
Feature EXCEEDING STRONG GRIP: The material used to create the strap is really strong as it is flexible and able to hold under big weight pressure. It is enhanced with an adjustable Velcro piece in the middle for best fitting and extra durability. Designed not to hurt or cause any kind of discomfort to your shoulders and back.,CARRY FROM SCOOTERS OR BALANCE BIKES: The most handy tool for parents who need to carry their children's bicycle when your kids get tired of riding. Easy to adjust and carry on your shoulders as the strap is wide enough to remain steady on your shoulders and keep the bike in place.,SPARE YOURSELF FROM BACK PAIN: The balance strap's smart design is enhanced with a wide Velcro part in the middle so that the strap will not fold or run deep in your shoulder causing you pain. Its ergonomic design also helps to eliminate any chance of discomfort or pain to your back, as it holds the bike balanced based on the weight center.,TAKE IT ANYWHERE WITH YOU: With the smart biking accessories we provide, you may carry your kids bike anywhere you go. When you take your kids to a fun park, to the market place, to the subway or just in the neighborhood, for a short ride around the block. Really lightweight and easy to install, it will untie your hands!,JOKER SOLVES EVERY PROBLEM: What we offer is only solutions to your everyday problems. High quality accessories accompanied by high quality services. Try it for yourself and set your hands free. If you are not entirely satisfied then we offer you a 100% money back guarantee - no problem!
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Label Joker
Manufacturer Joker
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Title Joker Shoulder Strap To Carry Your Child Bicycle Velcro Straps Balance Bike Match – Extendable Moving & Carrying Strap For Bikes